80m Yagi

In july 2005 we erected our newest antenna, a four element yagi antenna. The antenna is made from aluminum elements on a steel beam. The elements are made up from a diameter of 202 mm down to 80 mm with a wall-thickness of 5 mm. We have estimated the weight of the antenna to 1800kg.  Below you will find some photos showing the erection of this large antenna.

A 58m high crane was used.


The antenna before the erection. 

Everything ready for erection.

The antenna has begun its jurney towards the top of the mast.

The antenna half way up.

The work is finished.

The antenna shown at the village.

The antenna seen from the main E4 road.


Unfortunately the mast fell down during a storm in October 2005 -  In 2006 a new mast will be erected to carry the 21MHz antennas.