80 m Yagi


The 1800 kg Yagi was lifted in the air (4m) for the first time on August 31st, 2003. The installation is planned for June 2005. When installing such a huge antenna it needs to be very calm and the best time for calm and warm evenings is in June. The original design of the yagi was done in 2001 and most parts were assembled in 2002. The final touches have been made in 2003 and 2004. The installation was planned for 2004 but had to be posponed one year due to bad weather in the summer of 2004. The installation will now be in 2005. Thatīs 5 years!!

Below are some pictures showing details of the design.


Far view of the Yagi.

Side view of the Yagi.

View of the boom and guying

Closeup of the Yagi.

Driven element and clamp.

Another view of the split driven element.

View of the reflector fitting.