3.5 & 21 MHz

The photos are rather large and may take some time to load.


The mast consists of 8 hot dip galvanized S355 steel sections with a width of 600 mm (1.98 ft) center to center of the frame legs. For more info on the mechanics of the mast please refer to the mast design page.


The height of the mast is 49 m (161 ft) above ground including the foundation. The guying radii is 30 m (98 ft). The mast is guyed in two levels using 68 mm2 steel wires at the lower level and 105 mm2 steel wires at the upper level. All wires are tensioned to 10% of the breaking load.


In the fore ground of the photo is a 4-SQ for 3.5 MHz - This array has been in use since 1999 and has performed rather well. It is the no. 1 antenna for 3.5 MHz but will soon be followed by the 4-el yagi planned to be fitted during the summer of 2003. This antenna will be about 2m from the top and about 22 m above the upper 21 MHz yagi shown above. For more info of the 4-el yagi on 3.5 view the antenna page. For a close look at the partly assembled antenna click here.


For more info on the stacked 21 MHz 6-el yagi antennas view the antenna page.


Below are photos showing the erection of the mast!



Two sections of all masts were first erected. This enable proper levelling and check of the rotation.



Some of trees had to be cut down to make the access road to the masts.



























View of Mast 2 from Mast 3 - The 80m yagi is still on the ground.


During the summer of 2005 the mast was installed with a 4-el yagi for 80m band. A storm during the autumn of 2005 tore down the mast, which will be erected again in 2006 and equipped by 6-el antennas for 21 MHz. No more yagis for 3.5 MHz are planed for future use.