Back in 1977 the first rotatable mast was installed. This mast had a height of 43 m (137ft) and carried a 3-el yagi for 7 MHz, 2 x 6-el yagi for 14 MHz, 6-el for 21 MHz and 6-el for 28 MHz. With this system  some 70 000 QSO´s was worked over the next 23 years.


In February 2000 things changed since during the CW WPX SSB contest a weld of the upper guy bearing broke down so the antennas had to be parked to the east.













The same view as above from June 2003 with the two new masts in the field.





The old 42 m The mast was dismantled in May 2000. 24m of this mast was re-painted and re-erected in another position to be used as a fixed multiplier mast (Mast 4) with antennas pointing to Europe and the USA. At the top is a 5-el fiveband beam and VHF/UHF antennas fitted. This installation was finished by the end of the summer of 2001.


The dismantling of the broken mast started by removing the top 6-el for 14 MHz. A 60 m crane was used. SM2NOG is in the basket with all appropriate tools including a small generator. 

By now we had to be QRT from May to October awaiting the new installations. A lot of hard work for the entire family was ahead.